Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dear Tesla, I Love You. Signed, Planet Earth (also a really cool exhibit)

Hi everybody! Week two of the blog is finally here! (I couldn't wait, could you?) So, like I said last week, DO NOT forget to go (if you can) to the War of the Worlds exhibit at the Smithsonian here in D.C. It's going to be awesome; I'd know because I helped set it up! And here's the best part: the centerpiece of the whole thing is nothing less than an ACTUAL intact Martian Tripod that saw real combat during the war!

And just so you know, I'm sort of not supposed to mention too many details about the exhibit, but we're also going to be showcasing the first Tesla Cannon ever used in battle! (I'm pretty sure I brought it up last time actually) The reason I mention it again is first, this stuff is right out of the history books; and second, I actually dug up an old article the WWHPS had copied when I was doing research for the museum's display card and it's all about this thing!

According to the date of the article, the original cannon is almost a hundred years old! It was designed to overload the Martian's defense shields so that artillery and small arms fire could be more effective against them. Anyway it was in service until 1916 all up and down the Californian front. Impressive considering it was just a prototype; I mean it had something like 27 assisted kills in all that time! Thing's a beast! Funny too how it was the best one ever made; they started downsizing pretty quickly after that for the sake of expense.

We're actually lucky this one survived at all, most outdated or defunct technology at the time was recycled to conserve resources but this baby was preserved for posterity! Until twenty years later that is...people sort of stopped caring. But it was kept safe in a warehouse by a wealthy private benefactor who gave it back to the people in the mid-seventies, and ever since then it's been with us (the WWHPS)!

Here's the article:

Alright, that's all there is this time! On behalf of myself and the people here at the WWHPS, thanks for reading. The Smithsonian exhibit started yesterday! If you you're in the area check it out, it's open until March 1st, and I promise you'll enjoy it. Tune in next week for more awesomeness! I've got some pretty good stuff lined up for ya!