Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Martians, Nazis, and Beer (but seriously, its got Nazis)

Hello everyone! So due to eh, creative differences, I haven't been allowed near the WWHPS blog for a while. Apparently someone WAS reading this at the office so, sorry about that. Anyways though, while I was away they had me digging around in the archives to find some documents for an upcoming exhibition and I made a pretty cool discovery; a newspaper clipping from 1923 (same year as the train attack) about the infamous Beer Hall Putsch in Germany. It was the first time the world had heard of "Adolf Hitler."

Of course everyone knows about Hitler and the notorious segregation of Munich that led to his ultimate downfall, but seeing this is like a ghost from the past back when he was just another revolutionary instead of, you know, a monster. Fed up with the national government, Hitler believed he and his cronies could run things more smoothly and people wanted to believe it. Little did they know.

Here's the article:

Thought you guys might find that interesting! Stay tuned, you never know what I'll dig up next in this crazy place. Oh! Also some REALLY exciting news, apparently the Martian Ambassador is coming in May; something about a new trade deal so that should be pretty interesting!