Monday, August 15, 2011

The Pope versus the Martians!

Hi again, so the summer ended and so did my internship, but in the interest of ultimately working for the WWHPS, I've decided to keep this blog up and running for any interested readers. Right now I'm back in New York and going to school, and man is it good to  be back and taking classes again. Funny how you reach a certain age and all the things you thought were boring as a kid become fun again.

I don't have access to the WWHPS's physical archives anymore, but no one changed the password for the digital archives that someone so thoughtfully put online and as a result, I can still pull things to put up. Objectively, by the time I graduate I can put all this on my resume; fingers crossed. Perhaps tie it into my social media and networking course? If you have any thoughts just leave em in the comments section.

Anyhow, without further rambling on my part, here is the first of a continued series of historical updates: The Papacy and the Martians. I mean, in all the terror and the havoc of the war, it was inevitable that many  would turn to the Church for guidance and hope. Also, as far the church was concerned, the only life in all the universe existed on planet earth (Got a Karl Sagan feel to it) and so it has to be expected that the Pope should have something to say about it.

 Pope Leo XIII

And here it is, an article about Pope Leo XIII's address to all Catholics everywhere, explaining how to make sense of the Martian invaders:

So yeah, it was kind of a big deal for the pope to condemn an entire species and call his flock to war. Being considered a holy cause placed cast the War of the Worlds in a whole different light. Fast-forward to more recent times, and you get this:

This was from a newspaper published in 2001, and it shows just how far we've come since those terrible days, how much the wounds have, in time, begun to heal.

Pope John Paul II