Sunday, January 30, 2011

WINtern (also a train attacked by martians)

Hey everybody! Well it's been a busy week moving into my new apartment in D.C. In the middle of winter no less. So I'm an intern now, working with the WWHPS! Ok, so...not immediately clear what that is maybe? Why is this important? Why should I care?

WWHPS stands for the "War of the Worlds Historical Preservation Society" That means maybe, just maybe, I get to meet a real, live Martian! (childhood dream). But more importantly, this is the place where everything that's happened since the beginning of the war up until now gets stored! We're talking original documents, Tesla machines, and left over martian junk that's over a hundred years old! I'm not really allowed to see the most important stuff yet (figures, because it's also the coolest). But all good things in time. (So excited to be here!!!)

Ok, so I was asked by my boss to put together this blog because everybody here is, well, kinda...not internet literate. Or tech literate for that matter, which I kinda think is ironic (don't worry none of them can actually access this to read it or anything). So I've got pretty much complete directional freedom as long as I throw in an old article or some letter written by a general a hundred years ago.

Speaking of which, did you know that in the early 20th Century, when the war was in full swing, almost all train lines were still above ground (by the 30s that was different) because it was too expensive otherwise? Martians were always attacking them and repair crews would have to go out and fix them with some help from the military. Every once in a while, a train would get attacked traveling between cities. I guess this happened in 1907 when a passenger train was heading from Munich to Berlin. It was pretty ugly:

It was apparently a really bid deal because this kind of thing kept happening, but nobody did anything about it for the longest time. The League of Nations, established only a few years earlier to deal with these kinds of problems, wasn't even really helping! A lot of governments at the time were really upset that most trains still only had machine guns to protect them, but a lot of Tesla tech hadn't even been invented yet so that really couldn't be helped. But I really shouldn't spoil the article, here it is:

 Well, that's all this week folks! On behalf of the WWHPS, thanks for reading!
And don't forget to visit the society's special showcase at the Smithsonian Museum going on from February 6th until March 1st! It's going to feature the very first Tesla cannon ever built, how freakin' cool is that?!


  1. sir you must keep this going. it is amazing!!! I'm sharing it with all i know. including a few history professors. im sure they will love this. i can't wait for the next installment.

  2. Thanks Andrew! And thanks for spreading around the goodness too! This gig is kind of one of my more stimulating duties here at the society so it's encouraging to see that there's people out there who appreciate what I'm trying to do.

    And to anyone who contends the League of Nations was not established in 1896 as a direct response to the martian threat, you really need to check your history books again, sorry.

  3. I just got back from Whshington. Sorry I missed the exhibit at the Smithsonian. I plan on returning to Washington next month. Thank you, very interesting. K@Clocktower